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“Herbs more natural” are cultivated in the Albenga Valley, a land that has always been synonymous with aromatic plants thanks to its ideal mild weather: a lot of sun, fresh nights and the undeniable positive effects of the Mediterranean Sea.
Only in such a fertile land “Herbs more natural” can grow and develop: a selection of top quality aromatic plants, eco- friendly herbs with positive benefits on the consumers’ health. The use, in fact, of modern cultivation techniques with a low environmental impact and regular controls are a guarantee for the consumer and a sign of great respect to nature and to workers in the whole planting process.
Therefore “Herbs more natural” is a perfect combination between the natural essence of the plants and the energy of the Mediterranean Sea, in order to provide health and taste on your table everyday.
“Herbs more natural” is a brand of the company Della Valle s.r.l., a leader company in the selection and exportation of plant pots, cut flowers and cut foliage. The company has been working since 1920 in the Albenga Valley in Liguria, proving itself to be one of the leading companies in Italy. You will find our products in the best specialized garden stores all over Europe.