Thymus Citriodoro Aureo



Thyme is a small evergreen plant belonging to Lamiaceae family like rosemary and sage. It is native to the arid areas of the Mediterranean where it now grows spontaneously. This shrub likes full sunlight and medium/high temperatures, calcareous and well-drained soils.
Thyme is a small bushy shrub composed of many vertical stems that tend to become woody after a few years; usually it is not taller than 50 cm. Its taproot system, tough and woody, has fasciculate roots. Its small and numerous leaves are narrow and lanceolate, grey-green; the lower side is densely hairy and produces the typical aroma of thyme.
Its flowers are pink-purple, crowded together in spiked inflorescences; they flower at the beginning of summer. Thyme flowering is the best period to harvest the small buds since the leaves contain the highest concentration of essential oils.
Thyme is often used for cooking to add flavour to your dishes while in the field of herbal medicine it is well appreciated for its antiseptic and disinfectant properties.

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